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We believe this is a great moment for mobile business in Indonesia, especially with all Telecom operators getting their 4G network services online, and the digitalisation of economy through mobile devices. The demand for affordable mobile devices and connectivity has never been greater and Indonesian government sees the need to promote the growth of local industry.

As we know, Indonesia is a very big and lucrative market for mobile, but the country has so far relied on imports to feed the population’s appetite for connectivity. This has proven to be not sustainable because of the trade imbalance created.

Thus we believe the push for local production is the only right way to move forward. And here at TSM we are ready to assist mobile brands, distributors and telecom operators with the long-term vision to design and manufacture in Indonesia.

TSM is a team of the most dedicated engineers, artists and dreamers. We value perfection and precision in delivery, but also affordability and value for money. We thank you for taking an interest in our company and we look forward to our collaboration.

Who We Are

TSM Technologies is an Indonesian company that focuses on total end-to-end mobile solutions services, IOT as well as innovative hardware and software products, since 2012. As a pioneer of Indepedent Design House or local Research &s Development company for mobile phones in Indonesia, TSM Technologies is also the first official Qualcomm license in Indonesia.

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TSM History in Indonesia

TSM Business Pillars

Mobile and Telco Devices Solution

Mobile and Telco Devices Solution
Mobile and Telco Devices Solution
Mobile and Telco Devices Solution

Our Services

ODM Solutions

Products can be delivered as finished good made in Indonesia for all local and international brands.

Design House (IDH)

One-stop solution as TSM provides identity, PCBA, mechanical, software and user experience design services, including Applications bundling.

Project Delivery & EMS

Diligent supply chain, project and quality control management at our production facilities or EMS of your choice for semi or complete knocked down assembly. Deployment services include component import arrangements, POSTEL, and local content certifications.

Our Work

TSM was the first Indonesia company who pioneered the first 4G smartphone made in Indonesia, and are curently developing and promoting the new 4G Candy bar Smartphones that are extremely low cost, supporting fingerprint and NFC as options. The highest local content award from ICT Ministry of Indonesia

Our Client

Global And Local Client

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